“The terrorist organization believes that it is entrusted with an eternal mission: to lead the world into apocalypse”, thus as Bin Laden said, “After me, the world of the infidels will never again live in peace”. (Soherwordi,  Ashraf, and Khattak 2012, 357). Today, people in all over the world see Taliban as the representation of Islamic terrorists who are primitive, repressive with very little respect for individual rights especially women abuses. The aftermath of terrorist attacks on New York City on September 11, 2001 led to the change in Canadian foreign policy from peacekeeping – participating in multilateral international force for improving human security, fighting Islamic terrorism and protecting human rights in Afghanistan. … more

Long Ton – How ideologically coherent and successful were NS women’s policies?

The role of German women in the National Socialist regime has become an increasingly large field of study since the introduction of new approaches and methodologies of the Social Sciences and Gender Studies of the 1970s and 1980s. Gender Studies, in particular, have demonstrated a new perspective on the link and connectedness of the domestic and public sphere in the Third Reich. Thus, new opportunities of research opened up that enables historians to closely examine the relation between not only man and woman, but also state and family. In addition, since the fall of the Soviet Union, NS documents and archives that were previously inaccessible have revealed new dimensions and relations between the role of German women in NS society, the machinations of the regime and re-opened discussions on the agency of German women as state actors and as citizens…. more

Werbepromis im Netz

Warum der Influencer-Hype bald vorbei sein könnte

Das Internet ist ihre Verkaufsfläche, die Likes ihrer Fans sind ihre Währung: Der Influencer-Markt mit Bibi und Co. boomt. Mehr als drei Milliarden Euro gaben Firmen für Werbung dieser Art zuletzt aus. Doch nun soll der Markt gesättigt sein.

Von Florian Gontek

Toan Nguyen, 32, bis auf die weißen Sneaker ganz in Schwarz gekleidet, lächelt und schüttelt den Kopf. “Die Leute haben ein gutes Gespür dafür, ob sich jemand verbiegt. Die eigene Persönlichkeit kann man nicht dauerhaft ändern”, sagt Nguyen und lässt das Lächeln aus seinem weichen Gesicht verschwinden.

Dennoch: Wenn jemand weiß, wie man Menschen im Netz vermarktet, dann wohl Nguyen …more

Viet Thanh Nguyen – I Love America. That’s Why I Have to Tell the Truth About It

Viet Thanh Nguyen was born in Vietnam and raised in America. His novel The Sympathizer won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, as well as five other awards.

Love it or leave it. Have you heard someone say this? Or have you said it? Anyone who has heard these five words knows what it means, because it almost always refers to America. Anyone who has heard this sentence knows it is a loaded gun, pointed at them.

As for those who say this sentence, do you mean it with gentleness, with empathy, with sarcasm, with satire, with any kind of humor that is not ill humored? Or is the sentence always said with very clear menace? … more

Long Ton – Discuss the role of the coffee house in shaping British tastes for slave-produced goods

In 1788 William Cowper mocked his contemporaries’ taste for lavish and slave-produced goods in his poem Pity for Poor Africans, goods that were made readily available to the British through the exploitation of African people in a systematic, dehumanising and violent Transatlantic Slave Trade that lasted over hundreds of years. Coffee and sugar from the Caribbean, tobacco from the Chesapeake, cotton and chocolate from the Americas and tea from China, were all consumed in an ever increasing scale in the British Empire. But the conquest of these new and exotic goods was not an easy one, nor was it rapid. Of those goods, the three main beverages, coffee, tea and chocolate had a particularly bitter taste… more

Revisiting The Travels of Marco Polo in the 21st century

Marco Polo was born in 1254 in Venice, a very powerful and independent city-state in the Mediterranean region at the time, to a well-established merchant family. He was educated in classical texts, well versed in classical Latin, Italian, Persian (Shijian in Jackson 95), mathematics and raised in Christian beliefs. During Polo’s childhood, his father Niccolo and uncle Matteo had already established extensive trade contacts around the Black Sea, Persia and the Mongol Empire, visited its capital city Cambulac (known today as Beijing) and met the reigning emperor Kublai Khan, grandson of infamous Genghis Khan. In 1271, on a second journey to Asia, Marco accompanied his father and uncle. more…

Long Ton – Human rights in Vietnam – the individual and the state

human-rights-dayIn May of 2016, the U.S. President Barack Obama met with state officials in Vietnam to normalize relations between the countries, decades after the Vietnam War. Even though talks were successful, President Obama criticized Vietnam’s human-rights track record, after the Vietnamese government barred several political dissidents from attending the meeting (Lee). In October of 2016, Vietnam declared the US-based, pro-democratic activist group ‘Viet Tan’ a terrorist organization (Reuters), accusing them of organizing protests and instigating violence in Vietnam.… more

Toan Nguyen – 3 Vorurteile gegenüber eSports, die stimmen! Und was daran gut ist

Toan Nguyen liebt Computerspiele, pardon: eSports. Auf den Digital Marketing Days Ende Juni in Berlin wird er darüber gemeinsam mit ESL-Chef Bernhard Mogk (Electronic Sports Liga) sprechen. Hier preist er schonmal die 3 wichtigsten Vorurteile gegenüber dem wachsenden eSports-Markt und stellt die alles entscheidende Zielgruppenfrage: “Mario Barth oder Elon Musk?”

ESports und Nerds? Ja, stimmt. Denn der Großteil der eSports-Fans lebt wohl nicht in Berlin Mitte und trinkt Matcha-Latte-Something-Tee. Sie leben auch nicht unbedingt in schönen Architekten-Lofts, wo das Fixie-Bike im Flur steht – quasi in Sichtweite zum Surfboard an der Wand. Wahrscheinlicher ist, dass sie in einer Maschinenbau- oder Informatikvorlesung sitzen, Makroökonomie-Modelle berechnen, Mathenachhilfe geben oder online checken, ob der neue Blockbuster auch in Originalsprache zu sehen ist… more