• BOW (vần với “snow” – cây cung) – BOW (vần với “snow” – cái nơ) – BOW (vần với “now” – cúi đàu) [a bow and arrows – a bow tie – to bow one’s head].
    • DÉSERT (nhấn mạnh âm tiết đàu – sa mạc) – DESÉRT (nhấn mạnh âm tiết cuối – đào ngũ) [the Sahara Desert – he tried to desert from the army].
    • LEAD (vần với “to read”- dẫn tới) – LEAD (vần với “head” – chì) [this road leads to the lake – it is as heavy as lead].

  • ROW (vần với “grow” – hàng) – ROW (vần với “cow” – cãi lộn) [please stand in a row – my neighbors had a row yesterday].
  • SOW (vần với “show” – gieo hạt) – SOW (vần với “cow” – lợn cái) [he sows the seeds – she raises sows]
  • TEAR (vần với “hear” – nước mắt) – TEAR (vần với “bear” – xé) [tears in her eyes – she tears up his letter].
  • WIND (vần với “sinned” – gió) – WIND (vần với “blind” – lên giây) [a cold wind – to wind the clock].


  • SEES – SEIZE – SEAS [she sees me often – seize the day – seas and oceans]
  • KNOWS – NOSE [who knows? – the nose helps us breathe]
  • LINKS – LYNX [the links to a website – the lynx is a medium-sized wildcat]
  • ALLOWED – ALOUD [they allowed us to fish here – don’t speak aloud in the library]
  • FINED – FIND [he was fined for speeding – we’ll find a nice place to meet]
  • PASSED – PAST [she passed the test with flying colors – it was past midnight]
  • BLEW – BLUE [someone blew the whistle – blue sky]
  • KNEW – NEW [we knew she would not return – old and new]
  • THREW – THROUGH [she threw a party – through the window]
  • WON – ONE [he won her heart – one day at a time]
  • THROWN – THRONE [they have thrown me out – the king on the throne]
  • SEEN – SCENE [we have seen it all – the scene of crime]
  • RAYS – RAISE [the sun’s rays meet – the sons raise meat]
  • ROWS – ROSE – ROSE [rows of trees – smell like a rose – he rose to the occasion]
  • HIM – HYMN [we just love him – a hymn is a song praising god]
  • OUR – HOUR [our house is about an hour drive from here]
  • THEIR – THERE – THEY’RE [their car is parked there – maybe they’re home]
  • WHO’S – WHOSE [who’s kissing my husband? – whose book are you reading?]
  • IT’S – ITS [it’s a book = it is a book – its cover is black = the cover of it is black]
  • HE’LL – HEEL [he’ll = he will – heel = gót chân]
  • WE’LL – WHEEL [we’ll = we will – wheel = bánh xe]
  • ALL READY – ALREADY [all ready (two words) = completely ready: “we are all ready to take the test.” – already (one word) = so soon: “have you had lunch already?”
  • ALL TOGETHER – ALTOGETHER [all together (two words) = in a group: “the guests were seen all together in the garden” – altogether (one word) = completely: “he was altogether confused”]
  • ANY WAY – ANYWAY [any way (two words) = any method: “fix it any way you know how” – anyway (one word) = regardless: “we will quit anyway”]
  • HE MAY BE THERE – MAYBE HE IS THERE [may be = something is possible – maybe = perhaps]

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